Advantages of Holiday Home Rental

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If you are planning a holiday itinerary to Thailand, think about a long term rental Phuket has to offer for tourists who wanted to save on rental cost. Compared to hotel packages, renting a holiday home comes with more advantages for you and your family. However, before you approach rental properties in Phuket, it is important to consider various factors relating to the area in which you want to spend your holiday.

The Surrounding Community

A perfect holiday home is one that exists in the middle of nowhere but offers everything you need in as fast as ten minutes. In Thailand, there are places where you can find convenient amenities and attractive surrounding. Consider shopping venues, easy access to hospitals and schools, as well as great restaurants and beaches.


Wherever you rent your holiday home, you want to be sure that you and your family are safe at all times. Your holiday home should provide security 24 hours a day, enhanced by CCTVs and patrol officers.


The reason behind a vacation is to remain as comfortable as possible. This is possible if your holiday home has all the amenities that you need for maximum comfort and enjoyment. A perfect holiday home in Thailand, especially in Phuket area, should have amenities such as swimming pool, car park, elevators, and beautiful gardens.

In case you need medical services while on holiday, will you be able to access them? What about schools for your children, and shopping malls? Consider all these factors if you want a memorable holiday in Thailand.

Why Choose Rental Homes Over Hotels?

Renting a holiday home comes with various benefits compared to hotel packages. Below are some obvious advantages why rental homes are much better than hotels:

  • Save Money

You are likely to spend less and enjoy more when you rent a holiday home. With great amenities and more space for you and your family to enjoy, it is a cost-effective solution for a vacation where you can afford more luxury with less money.

  • Have Your Own Space

A holiday home is a place you can confidently call your own, at least for the period you are there. You can enjoy your vacation in a private space, not restricted to a single room in a hotel, and you have a lot more space for you and your family. Such is the benefit when you select a long term rental Phuket holiday homes offer for a more memorable experience.

  • Make Your Own Program

In a hotel package, you abide by check-in and check-out times, dining regulations, and tour schedules. In a holiday home, you make your own schedules, therefore, have more flexibility in your vacation. You can choose the best restaurants for your family, the attractions to visit, and the experiences you would like to have during your vacation.

  • Have Space for Everyone

In a holiday home, you can invite your friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve in town, or have a quiet time to bond with your family. This is different from life in a hotel room where such invitations are restricted. Besides, the larger the number of occupants in a holiday home, the lower the cost per person, making it even more affordable.

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