Care Homes in Hertfordshire: The Standards to Expect From a Good Care Home

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Moving your elderly parent to a care home can be a daunting task. The emotional burden of having to part with them combined with the tedious task of finding a suitable care home is downright overwhelming. First, it’s good to know that there are many care homes in Hertfordshire so you don’t have to worry about having your loved one admitted in a far place where you cannot easily visit them. While there are many care homes around, it is important to choose wisely. You need to be wary of substandard care homes. Unfortunately there are several such care homes in Hertfordshire and here are some features that describe them:

  • They do not adhere to their code of practice
  • They do not consider the wishes of the patients and most of the decisions are made by the staff
  • They do not review patients’ care plans
  • Patients are not given independence
  • Staff members don’t interact with the patients and they are mostly left to watch TV
  • The buildings are substandard and the environment is not fit for the patients
  • They do not maintain high standards of cleanliness

If the care home you are considering is portraying some of the features listed above, it is better to seek another option.

Here are the standards that professional care homes in Hertfordshire adhere to:

  1. Patients are respected and they are involved in the decision making process

In a good care home, your loved one will be told what is happening at all times. The staff members are only there to support them make better decisions and not do decide for them. Better yet, your loved one will have a say on the treatment and care they’ll be receiving.

  1. Care, treatment and support is personalized

In a good care home you can expect the needs of your loved one to be met at a personal level. They must be thoroughly examined to make sure they get the right care. Their meals will be specially prepared to meet their needs. The services provided should meet the needs of the patient in terms of his or her culture, sex, disability, age, religion and sexuality.

  1. You can expect your loved to be safe

Staff members in a good care home respect the rights of patients. So you can be guaranteed that your loved one will be protected from abuse. Aside from that, you can be rest assured that your patient is in an infection-free area since the care home is kept clean.

  1. You can expect a skilled staff

In a professional care home staff members have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to care for your loved one. Besides that, there will be enough staff to cater for all the needs of the patients

  1. A good care home evaluates its services regularly

A good care home will check its services to make sure they’re up to standard. They will record the information of your loved one accurately and keep them safely and privately. In addition, professional care homes allow their residents to complain and there are channels to do so.

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