Looking for a Cool Place to Visit Next Summer? Check This Out!

Sarah | April 29, 2019 | 0 | Home & Gardens

If you are looking for a perfect place to spend with your family next summer, Darling Harbour is one place you can visit. Complete with family-friendly attractions as well as bars for adults, there is nothing you will not love about Darling Harbour. Take your kids to a fun and educational tour through a museum, or have them race around a playground to keep them active. You can even climb aboard submarines have fun studying marine life underwater. When you need a place to stay, you can easily find affordable accommodation Darling Harbour has today that is perfect for you and your family.

If you are looking for reasons to visit Darling Harbour, take a look at these tips so you will know what to do the next time you are in the area:

  • Visit the Playground. The playground in Darling Harbour is considered as one of Australia’s best. Your kids will never run out of things to try when you take them to Darling Harbour during their summer break. They can take part in various water games, climb ropes, take turns at swings, slides and flying foxes. These activities will surely keep your kids and teens entertained for hours. Aside from visiting the playground, you can also look at other activities that you and your kids can try next summer. Make sure to book a family-friendly accommodation Darling Harbour has today to avoid any last minute inconveniences.
  • Fly a Boeing 737. If you want you and your kids to know how it feels to ride the Boeing 737, you can experience the world’s #1 flight stimulator right in the heart of Darling Harbour. You or your kids will get a chance to fly a commercial-grade jet stimulator pattered after the Boeing 737. Of course, there is a skilled instructor who will guide you all the way but you will definitely feel the thrill of flying a plane right from the take off down to the landing. Even if you don’t have any flying experience, the flight instructor will guide you every step of the way. You and your kids will definitely have a memorable experience.
  • Harbour Cruise. You can choose from various harbour cruises all around Sydney from Darling Harbour. You can book a separate accommodation Darling Harbour has for families or large groups and stay for a few days so you can enjoy the harbour tours. You can select from various Darling Harbour accommodation packages that would suit your taste and budget. Once you reach Darling Harbour, you won’t always be confined to your room as there a lot of activities that you and your kids can enjoy.
  • Take Advantage of Sydney iVenture Card. Children and adults will never want to miss Sydney’s exciting attractions like Oz Jet boating, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Powerhouse Museum, Opera House, Sydney Tower and most especially the SEA Life Sydney aquarium. Your tour will be more convenient if you have iVenture cards on hand. You can save up to 45% on individual entry fees to these exciting places by using your iVenture card. It also covers your Hop-on, Hop-off boat cruises and access to other tourist attractions in the area.

The above are just a few things you can enjoy when you visit Darling Harbour. Finding a cheap accommodation Darling Harbour offers is not that difficult, thanks to the internet. Booking your desired accommodation in Darling Harbour is now very convenient. This will save you time and resources and allows you to spend more time with your family and have a wonderful, one of a kind getaway. For more details, check out this at http://www.apartmentsplus.com.au/one-darling-harbour


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